WTS (EU): Used Kegels and Deck + Enclosure for sale!

Hi guys ‘n gals! Since I’m upgrading/refurbishing my boards I have some used parts up for grabs. Take a look :smiley:

Used Orangatang Kegels (used for a lot of kilometers) – 28€ I would say they are in a pretty good condition, considering the amount of kilometers they’ve been through. Measured the diameter, and at the worst they are about 79,3 millimeters out of the original 80. image imageimage

3D printed but surprisingly sturdy enclosure – 15€ Re-painted but has a few scratches. Cutouts for XT90, VGA and a on/off button. Also two cutouts in the back, one for phase wires and one for power to LED strips. Rubber gasket included. IMG_1813

I will probably have more parts here soon. Let me know if you’re interested, and I will send more pics and measurements. LOCATED IN DENMARK/EU – YOU PAY SHIPPING

Bump :wink: pls buy ok

some great deals :slight_smile:

I know i would buy them if they were relevant in my build :smile:

Lowered the prices. :slight_smile:

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Pulleys sold.

Can you take a picture how the enclosure looks like on the inside?

IMG_7877 IMG_9366 IMG_2405

Motors sold! :slight_smile:


Still for sale?

Yes, but unless you’re from Denmark I don’t think it will make sense with the enormous shipping cost…

Nice! I want it… do you have dpd points nearby? Maybe I can send you a dpd label in pdf.

Deck sold. :slight_smile:

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@Pingo03 Sorry I have bought it :wink: