[WTS - EUR] lots of Parts

Hello everyone

I’m selling different parts. I prefer to sell full sets.

1st set:

ABEC Flywheel 107mm in very good shape with zealous bearings -> 100 euros

Evolve trucks without badge in good condition -> 120 euros

Dual mount Unik for evolve trucks, you can use 63XX motors with them -> 80 euros

2x 6374 Flipsky in bery good conditions with 15t motor gears, connector MT60 ->150 euros

2 x Driver evolve 32t with bearings and belts -> 20 euros

2 x Driver evolve 38t with bearings and belts -> 20 euros

4 x Trampa Urban threads wheels with trampa Superstar hubs in good conditions-> 100 euros (picture available soon)

2 x driver 66t evolve for Trampa superstar with bearings and belts-> 40 euros

Complete set 500 euros

image image image

2nd set:

Deck loaded icarus with cuted tail, power cables under the griptape + Eboosted enclosure for Loaded Icarus -> 120 euros

Battery 10s4p double stack, about 30 charges (made by pjotr47) + Bypassed BMS + 10s charger -> 200euros

Antispark Fatboy 100a -> 50 euros

Full set 300 euros

image image image image image image image image

Available in Lyon France, and can ship in europe.

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Well that was quick. All is sold. @mmaner can you close it?