WTS evo40+eboosted Double stack enclosure [SOLD]

Both new 350+ shipping or available for pick up in Oakland CA or bay area


Lol, on Eboosted guy himself it cost 275 new…

Then you gotta pay for shipping and wait a while

So to ask almost 100 dollar more ? Thát is not a fair price man

It comes out to about 45 more

I am also open to offers

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250 shipped

Lmao Don’t do it!!

But Let me know if you decide to sell for that I’ll give you cash picked up

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Only deck left, 145 plus shipping

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Bump 135 plus shipping

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Selling to the EU? If so could you give me an estimate on the cost to Denmark?

Are you open for hummie deck trade?


Sorry been sold for a while. Please close