[WTS] FLIER dual esc 150a for brushless motors

Bought it like 2 months ago and never could figure out to to use, so switched to vesc. So bought it for 250 trying to get a 100 or another vesc if anyone wants to trade. Then I bought it from hobby king. 15438932585688019015583115059576 1543893299407230778461064087334915439262487707207104151342834203

changed the title so that people understand that you want to sell it and added the company you bought it from. Good luck with your sale!

description can be downloaded here http://www.fliermodel.com/en/downloads.html

Looks like a good emtb esc, where can we find videos of this in the wild?

just google, flier 150a car esc

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Is this still available