Wts>flipsky fsesc 6.6 [SOLD]


FLIPSKY FSESC 6.6 based upon VESC® 6 with Aluminum Case

just open but unused… asking for 100euro + shipping …

bump… dropping a bit the price…130euro+shipping

Is this the latest one ?

yah it is…i just bought it last july

It’s not the latest…6.6plus with switch is the latest

6.6plus was the latest for dual motors… and the one that i got is for single motors only which for the moment it doesnt have 6.6plus version :smiley:

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Dang, I knew I should have bought more than one of these when they were on sale for $95.

how was it??.. 95$ + duty hehe

bumb… still on sale… price drop since i opened it but didnt use… 100euro

I am interested in purchasing this if you still have it next Tuesday. What would price be in US dollars? Shopping to US?

what part of US never tried sending in US… but im willing to try to send it via UPS

I’m interested. Although i need to look some things up (connectors) If braniac won’t take it, would you put it on hold for me?

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sure… ill pm you right away if ever

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I’m not sure about the VESC anymore sorry. 2 things, its out of warranty and it has the included Anti spark switch which is tied to the button. I’m more looking at the vesc without.

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lexington, KY

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SOLD thread close