Wts jet potato 29" Australia Melbourne

Hey there, have a jet potato 29" Japan edition, griped with rvdc, I picked it up from sickboards when I was passing through, set it up and used it for 1 commute but didn’t gel with me. I don’t esk8 atm but I remembered that these board could be good for mini builds,20190618_081413 20190618_081433 20190618_081423 $120 aus pick up in melbourne or can work out shipping at buyers cost. Thanks! Edit was looking over it and included pic of tail, paint of front putting on end when cummuting, price neg20190618_144034

Do you mind check shipping cost to California 92602?

Hmmm, looking at australia post it would be $55aud to ship which is expensive… But can do if I can pack it under 2kg

Shoot thats like almost half the deck. I will have to pass this time but thanks anyway.

Yeah shipping from Australia sucks!

these are available new for 120 dollars from a retail store.

Can you share which one please?

Yep, welcome to our world (NZ here) :slight_smile:

I thought they were discontinued?

Don’t worry about him, it’s your sale thread


It’s same as brand new, just clean the grip. Why do u do this?

Looks like all the jet potatos are on the other side of the earth.:tired_face:

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Right! Didn’t know the old ones were still about, good deal, the Japan one is about 9.25 instead of 9.5, that’s the only difference I can see, guess I’m open to offers then

honestly I prefer this japan one, I might make an offer. Its just bad timing since im moving in the next 2 weeks and funds are tight. Ill hit you up if it isnt sold

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