WTS-Landyachtz osteon first gen deck (US), 90mm haggy pepe wheels

Unfortunately gotta sell some esk8 stuff for adulting :expressionless: Had plans for all this stuff but oh well.

I’ve got a used first gen landyachtz osteon.

  • Length 38
  • Width 9 1/4 at rear truck
  • Width 9 1/2 at front truck
  • wb is 24 1/2 - 26 1/2

Asking $50 obo + shipping

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used spud deck $40 obo + shipping (SOLD)

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There was a nose guard at one point No real damage. Just adhesive left over and some paint pulled.

A handle was attached at some point


_Freeboard bindings $45 obo + shipping _ (New) (SOLD)



Red 90mm haggy pepe wheels $30 obo + shipping. Pictures above on the landyachtz (They have about 5 miles on them if that) Ill toss in the haggy 36t pulleys for $10 with the wheels



Those wheels kegel core?

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Yep. Made in California. Comparable to the Ollin Popoca Wheels.

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Ill toss in some oldschool skate stickers with any purchase. Lol

@Skunk do you think there would be any merit on using just the front binding for a kicktail board?

I don’t see a problem with it. Especially on a deck with a flat nose. Basically a overkill foot stop. Would probably make doing manuals easier and give you a nice locked in feeling . @BruSkater

Sounds interesting… If any regular stanced (as in not goofy) member likes to split the bindings I am in!

I’ll sell spud, bindings and wheels w/pulleys together for $100 this week.

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Smoking hot deal here spunkie. I’m making an enclosure for these too. First ones off the production line this weekend hopefully. IMG_6994


Are the Haggy pulleys the ones with the integrated bearing?

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Yes. Intended for 12mm axles but with proper bearings fits 10mm axles. ( surfrodz ) Last i talked to @riverside.rider he had made progress on setting them up for 8mm but you need trucks with long axles so caliber ll are a no go.

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I will take the spud and the bindings if still unclaimed


Awesome. Ill get them boxed up for you.


I was going to say I would take the spud but I would have to take all that paint off to burn a design in it. So I think @sender since you are getting the spud I think it need to get pepe le pew fabric on it.

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You still have the osteon?

Hello is the osteon still available? I would love to buy it from you