[WTS] Marbel board $30obo + shipping

I was one of the suckers that bought the 10 lb / 10 mile marbel board years ago. The remote for the board died about a year ago and I bought a new rig and moved on.

The deck has a nice design and is in good condition. I have seen some cool projects where people rebuild them into sweet esk8s.

If you are willing to pay shipping I’ll send some pics. I even still have the original shipping package. I would like to see the thing recycled and out of my garage/life.

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Needs photos and country. Nobody can guess anything related to shipping without a country listed.


Is it this board?


Good points. I live in northern California. I will post some pics later today. I remember it being about $65 when I shipped it to Florida for repairs(new battery) years ago.

And yes it is the board from the links.

Where in northern California do you live?

So the only problem is the remote died? How did it die?