(WTS) MBS Matrix II Oil Slick Truck Set

MBS Matrix II Oil Slick Trucks Set. Bought these direct from MBS a while ago for a project that never got started. They are new. But one truck has a very fine 3/8" scratch that was there when I took them out of the box. These include the risers and bolt hardware. Curiously, one set of bolts are longer than the other set, and have nyloc nuts where the other riser had a set of bolts, but not nuts. That’s the way they came to me, so that’s the way I am selling them. Please take note of this before purchasing them.

285.00 shipped to the CONUSA only.

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Price drop! 250.00 shipped.

Still got these Trucks for sale if willing to let them go for $200 ill buy them cause my motormounts arent sitting right on my vector trucks

220.00 shipped to the CONUSA. 4% PayPal fees unless you use gift payment method. Final offer.


I will take them if you still have them.

Ok, let me have your address, and I will get a label made. My paypal is: [email protected].

Quick clarification on your original post about one set of bolts are longer than the other set. You are talking about the mounting bolts for the truck to be mounted to the board correct? There’s no dimensional difference between the trucks themselves, correct?

That is correct. Truck mounts, where they attach to the deck, are exactly the same width. Not sure why they sent bolts shorter than the other set. I didn’t notice until I took them out of the box to get some pics for the listing here.

Thanks for the response. I just sent you the money (inclusive of the 4% charge from Paypal).

Ok, I’ll get you a tracking number once I get it. Should be this afternoon.

You should be getting email notifications for the UPS label that was created for the shipment. Let me know if you don’t. Will drip off tomorrow at UPS store.



Thanks, I did get a UPS tracking notification.