WTS: PCB based Firefly Remotes


Order form : https://goo.gl/forms/1e5Z04BQb3fVFsgP2

Hey guys I would like to offer my version of firefly to you. Thanks to solidgeek for giving me permission to sell these remotes and for each remote sold donation goes to his paypal account. If you have intention to buy a remote please be patient and read the whole post as i provide some key/important things about it.

After using it myself for 2 months everyday without a single problem I think it’s reliable enough to offer other people. Those of you who followed solidgeeks and ervinelins remote threads know that there has been numerous issues as well as quality updates. I tried to gather them and apply to my version. First of all wanted to eliminate most of the cables from the build so I went with a pcb design. Made some modifications to the case design so i could fit my pcb in the case and secure it with . I liked ervinelins code because I could switch between pages in the screen with a button instead of automatically switching between them. In order to use his code I added a button to the back of the remote and it’s completely optional you can use solidgeeks code aswell. If you are competent in programming I guess you can use that button for other purposes so it’s there as an option.

Since installing different firmwares might be a thing in this remote I made it programmable from its usb socket without opening up the case. Changed 5v booster and charger modules with a single module and changed its resistor value so you can use your 2A phone charger to charge your remote.

I had many issues with crappy seramic antenna nrf24 module so I’m using quality nrf24s instead. All nrf24 modules are behind 100uf tantal,10uf tantal, 100nf seramic caps for better power regulation. On receiver side there’s a 1000uf cap on 5v line for brownouts and 200uf tantalum cap on transmitter side. Needing to reset on every boot was quite an issue thanks to arduino forums found this mcp130 chip and applied to 5v lines on both receiver and transmitter and there’s not a single issue using these since 2 months. 2 switches, battery and an oled screen are connected with a jst connectors in case if you need to swap those components easily or to remove the pcb from the case.

To summarize some differences from original design and some key notes; • Receiver and transmitter are both pcb based and fixed to the shell of the remote with m2 bolts • Nrf24 power filter consists of 100uf tantalum, 10uf tantalum , 100nf ceramic cap (on both transmitter and receiver) • 220uf tantalum cap on 5v(remote), 1000uf cap (receiver) • Programmable from usb socket fixed with 4 legs • Better nrf24 modules • 5v booster and charging modules are replaced with a single module • Mcp130 chip to solve power issues • Removable/replaceable switches, battery, oled using jst connectors • ABS printed parts in closed container • Mode button at the back of the remote • Tapped m3 bolts for the transmmiter • Clear heat shrink for the receiver

in my experience integrated antennas are not bad but not good enough. having at least one nrf module with external antenna either on remote or receiver side has a big impact on signal strenght(both with external antenna the better) so im including one nrf with external antenna and one with integrated. thats my setup aswell with carbon fiber battery enclosure + bamboo deck. didnt have a single dropout to this date.

Finisihing and Colors

Im printing with bright yellow ABS and its good as it is. Sanding only the burrs and edges for a smoother touch and applying clear coat gloss or matte paint. IMG_0039 I know some of you might like to have a different color or combination of colors for each part and much smoother surface. What i can offer as an option is sanding every part with 3 different grit sandpaper, apply 2 coats of filler sand again, 3 coats of paint of your choice, 2-3 coats of clear coat matte or gloss to finish the part. result is very nice and silky smooth, wouldnt say perfect but another level than 3d printed parts. IMG_0035 IMG_0036 IMG_0042 IMG_0038

NRF upgrades

as i mentioned above im including quality Nrfs and one end will be with external antenna thats how i run my board too but if you want to have both ends to be with external antenna thats doable as an option.

Free customization i will modify the receiver according to your VESC. Depending on your end i can include male/female/2.54mm pin or just bare cables. i have cables for both female and male options, so you need to note which one of the four options you need. For the uart connection i use 4p jst ph and it just works you need only 2 pins anyway. i will include what i have at hand but i see some uart ports has different positioning with tx/rx pins i need to see it so i can make a correct cable for your vesc. if its a focbox you dont have to tell me anything else because thats what i use too.


Theres a slight problem with shipping. My countrys national post does not allow any sort of liion battery doesnt matter if its removable or not you cant even send your cell phone thru the post unless you can remove its battery. If you would like have a remote from me and if you want me to ship it with national post you have to be able to source your own battery, remove 5 screws, twist or solder red to red black to black cables with supplied jst connector, insulate, put the screws back on. its an easy 10mins process due to pcb is held with screws and every cable is jst connector based. I will post an instructional video about the process. Another option is if you are in EU i can use a private company which has more expensive prices than the national post but better than UPS or DHL price wise.

Pricing due to not having enough parts i cant provide kits at the moment. depending on the demand i will order the parts so i canbuild more.

Assembled remotes with receiver(without battery) 100$ + tracked shipping to anywhere around the world for those of you who are in EU and want it with battery contact me for pricing about the shipping because the price is highly dependent on the country you are living.

Extras paint job with a choice of your color(s) 15$ nrf with antenna upgrade(includes antenna and nrf24) 7$ i have 3-4 available semi assembled which would take couple of days to finish and test them, rest will be depending on the supply of the parts.

Some more pictures: IMG_0059









First dibs, didn’t read it yet though :joy:

Edit: Finished Reading Nice man , Super Clean!

Danm if that Button was Connected to Switch I would’ve used it as a Momentary switch.

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Lol I suggest you read it thru tho :joy:

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If I can’t reply to your private messages it’s due to my day work I ll get back to you as soon as I’m available

I’m interested in one but could you explain the NRF add on a little more? In the post your say you’ve upgraded the remotes to a better NRF and an extra antenna is an option but in the add ons section you say its 7$ and includes antenna and NRF. So is it just an antenna added on and if I needed it could I just add my own antenna later on? I have a few extra for the metr module I have.

Question when you say

Does that still apply when you get a battery that already has a JST connector , this looks plug and play to me:



By one end I mean either transmitter or receiver and it works great that way. That’s included in the 100 price. Option is available if you want second end to be with external antenna aswell.

Can you check if they are micro jst 1.25mm? I will include that crimped jst cable anyway but if that is 1.25mm it really is gonna be plug and play

@Zyb Sent you a PM :slight_smile:

Looks great.

Everything i found is 2mm the lowest being 1.5 :cry:

Connector Type: 2P 1.5mm Pitch; Cable Length: 5cm / 2"

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The lowest I found, I’m going to order 10 through Alibaba

@zyb, The positive has to be on the left while the negative on the right , correct?

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Nice work! PCB only way to go IMO.


Nice! I have been using a trigger style remote based of the solidgeek remote. It is solid. I need more for other boards! PM sent.

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@Zyb You have a pm :smiley:

Just came home ffrom work soon gonna answer your pms and questions also need to create an order form so I can know what you are after :slight_smile: as there are couple of customization options regarding the receiver.


i think thats jst zh and i may purchase some angled 1.5mm connectors and try to fit them in my pcb(1.25mm) or next iteration of pcbs will be with 1.5 connectors so it can be a plug and play.

yes exactly!

everyone wants their remote sooner and i understand that i just wanna be fair to everyone. its kinda my mistake for not having enough parts. i will order more tonight but before that i will create an order form within an hour with every detail i need from you regarding the remote and first 3 + 1 without the battery will get their remote sooner than the others. so its gonna be first come first served.

also will shoot a video tomorrow demostrating how easy it is to hook up the battery, then you can decide to go with or without it.


Looks very good! Is there a way to buy only the PCB? Or is there a discount on bulk orders?

Kits and individual parts are sadly not possible as i cant even supply the demand at the moment. only thing i can offer is the 3d prints for the remotes for around 10$ but i think there are alot of sources for that. Bulk order and a discount is possible but i need finish with invidiual orders first :confused: