WTS Remote, Vesc, and Canbus (US)

I have a few extra things lying around just gonna sell them. (You pay for shipping):grinning:

Remote - $30 obo SOLD 20180930_200024

Dead Vesc - $25 obo


Canbus - $3 obo SOLD 20180930_200048

I’m PMing you about the RC and bus.

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He is in us, shipping might be expensive. I’d try eBay they probs have a similar price and free shipping


I need the canbus… still available?

I’m in SoCal where are you?

I’d be intreseted in the VESC and Canbus if they are still available and also if the VESC is dead because of a burnt drv only.

The VESC is still available. The Canbus is not