WTS Tons of Stuff- Parts from 3 Builds

Hi these are all slightly used parts unless otherwise noted. These are from 3 builds, each board has between 20-30 miles on it. Prices include shipping in the US. PM me for shipping prices to other parts of the world.

Drives/Complete Mechanical Kits

DIY Electric Skateboard Dual Kit -sold -Dual 6355 190kv DIY Motors -Dual V4 mounts -DIY Caliber Trucks -16T 12MM pullies -Black Abec 11 clones 90MM -Risers, deck screws and bolts

DIY Electric Skateboard dual kit with Polar (@jlabs) -SOLD -Dual 6354 190kv Polar Motors(motors are brand New) -Dual V4 mounts -DIY caliber Trucks -16t 9mm pullies -Orange Kegals -risers, deck screws and bolts

Single Enertion Kit- Sold -Single 6354 from @JLabs -single Enertion mount -15t 12mm pulley -Enertion Trucks -Eneriton risers, deck screws and bolts


Enertion Space Cell Pro 3 SOLD -comes with charger

DIY Electric Skateboard 10S4P- SOLD -comes with carger -phscyotiller “25” enclousure

VESC these where purchased recently, with latest version hardware and software, no bldc bug, and all run perfectly

2 DIY Electric Skateboard VESC- SOLD

  • comes with CANBUS connector -5.5 bullet motor connector -xt90 battery connector -xt90 splitter

1 Ollin Boards VESC- SOLD -4mm bullet motor connector -xt60 battery connector

Motors New 6354 @jlabs motor -SOLD

**Motor mount, Pulley and belts, **

Enertion Dual 9mm Abec 11 pulley set (NEW) SOLD

Enertion Motor mount (NEW)- SOLD , i lost a screw so i purchased a different type of screw from aces hardware(does not effect function)


Mini Remote (New) -$20

Master Cho GT2B controller-SOLD

MasterCho GT2B controller(complete)-SOLD -comes with cable to connect to vesc

Decks Arbor Vugenhausen 2016 -$80

Wow looks like your getting out of eSk8, what for? Lots of great parts here tho!

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Hey Jared, i know it does. i built some boards for friends, and now they want an all terrain setup. So they are going Evolve. im not that advanced of a builder so suggested they just sell and go that route. Getting lazy. hahahha

Have 350 to spend since I didn’t heft the other board I wanted need an esc and battery can’t decide which


Interested in a couple items.

Pm you sir!

Pm sent interested in few items

I’ll take the two enertion drive kits for $60. The sprocket pulleys.

Anything with with a picture listed is still available! Price dropped on leftover items

Open to reasonable offers

does the mini rc come with receiver?

Yes it does.

I need a motor mount and pulleys for Caliber trucks and 83mm flywheels. What kind of deal can you hook me up with? :wink:

Still got the remote? I’ll buy it

I don’t think I have it anymore. Let me look

I’ll get back to you in 1 hour


Hey can’t find the remote. Thanks!