WTS Torqueboards Direct Drive 75kv EU - UK

As the title suggests, I have a brand new set of TB-DD 75kv that I ordered in December, they’ve been opened to check they are intact and looked at for about 30 seconds and they are back in the box.

This is the BACK TRUCK only. I do not have the front truck, I did not purchase one from TB. I intended to run a Surfrodz RKP up front. I was given a $100 discount on the DD because of this and will pass that on.

I paid £465 including delivery, import taxes and fees.

Looking for £425 excluding delivery. If you want some of these beasts immediately and want to skip import fees this is your chance. I will send them next day.

Bubble wrap is free



why? there both CNC trucks, or are you biased… :rofl:

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Just for some color. RKP = swexy.


also i thought sr trucks were not as wide as tb cnc trucks

You can get longer axels for surfrodz to match em

uuuurrgh the temptation is so much worse when they are so close already lol


If I was where you are they would be gone by now.

I would have paid with sexual favours though.

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Let’s make colour great again

I can’t deal with the spell checker. It’s an impossible choice for me, hear me out.

I grew up with color

I’ve since come to the light and know its spelled colour correctly

Now this website is questioning my faith


bump , hurry up someone buy these BEFORE I get paid LOL

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I don’t need them, I don’t need them, I don’t need them :sob: no


I’ll take 20 sheets


Mother f…

Send me your address in a PM.

Guys, all the free bubble wrap has now been claimed.


Haha :sweat_smile: only joking. I’m sure these will be scooped up very soon. Glws

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5 sheets of bubble wrap back on the market


Up to the top. No one has committed to these yet.

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payday is getting closer and closer lol

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no glamour shots? What is the taint situation after those 30s?

Incoming PM

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