[WTS] Trampa Urban Carver Parts - eBoosted battery and enclosure

Ordered parts for a Trampa Urban Carver and finally have most of the parts to put it all together, but I don’t have the time. I’m thinking about getting a prebuilt board in the future. Here is what is up for sale:

  1. Trampa Urban Carver parts (deck, trucks, remote, motors, and motor mounts). $1650. I have NOT ridden this board or used any of the parts. The only wear has been from sanding the axles a little because the bearings fit so tightly they originally wouldn’t come off. I also covered part of the front truck with plasti-dip. Either way, they are all fresh parts at a discount.

For now, I am listing this to be sold together, but PM me if you are interested in buying parts. If I get enough requests going that way, I might start selling it in parts.

  1. Battery enclosure and battery by eBoosted. I stupidly cut this enclosure thinking to modify it so it can fit two trampa vescs. $520 (purchased for $655).

Ah gotcha! Will do, thank you! @xclr8r

Going to close the sale for now!

How much for the battery?

Opening it back up… still don’t have the time to work on it. @EvoCarbonGT I’m selling the battery / enclosure for $520.

How much for the vescs?

how much for the deck, trucks, motor mounts and wheels?

@ReliantChris - I can do $395 for both VESCs. Both have never been used.

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@bambi_killer - I can do those for $1050 for those parts.

EDIT: that’s including the motors. I’ll back to you later with a price without motors.

VESCs are sold

do you have a price without the motors??

I can do $775 without motors.

where are you located

I got 500 on battery and enclosure

Hi, any chance you would sell the baseplate, kingpins and spring hardware ? Thanks in advance…is it possible to ship to Europe Belgium ?

Update: The only things left for sale now are:

  • 2 Motors

  • Battery and case