[WTS][UK/EU] Parting out caliber 2 trucks, 97mm wheels

Hey all! Been a while. Parting out my build, raising funds for a new board. This has been ridden about 4 times in the last 2 years. Took it for a spin yesterday and perfect as ever. Prices do not include shipping. Location : London.

-caliber 2 trucks 44 x 2 paris £30

-Blue 97mm wheels abec style £30

-Pulleys and belt £20 35t and 16t I believe have an extra motor pulley too

-Motor mount £15

-vesc £20 this is a 4.12 i got off ebay works great.

-6374 turnigy motor 192kv £30

reserving enclosure/motor mount (if motor mount is enertion)

Motor mount is not enertion. And you mean the enclosure only ? The whole battery + case goes as one.

You might want to add photographs.


Ah yes how did I forget :confused: . Will update

Everything is on hold atm

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Everything available except battery!

will you be able to selll only one of the caliber base plates? please :pray: might take both plates if it helps you and the price is right :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome to the forum. :tada::tada::clap::clap: