WTS US , 6355 Motors, blank double drop deck, Enclosure, Abec 11 90mm FlyWheels, Clone 97MM, Landyachtz Tiger switch 40 ,skullboard s2

More info here


Thirds on the tsg pass fullface I suppose… also located in the Bay Area for ease/ saving on shipping.

I’d like to put myself on the list for the tsg pass if the buyers fall through


@StupidDumbFox @DJase

Let me know if someone still wants it.

I’ll take the hubs!

Checking sizing now, but if it fits, I’ll take it.

It’ll fit, pm

I’m small sized so from what I know I’d need a medium. Large probably too big :sob:

Bump, I added even more stuff.

how much for the caliber trucks shipped? 11572 NY

About $30, These trucks are new has in they haven’t been used but I installed mounts on them so scratched them badly and then sprayed the top of base plates black.

Hi can you ship focbox to philippines, how much including shipping

Are the 6355 motors in good condition? How much are you asking for 2?

Yeah they are basically brand new. $80 per motor.

Shipping seems to be about $30 to philippines. So about $150 for one and $270 for a set.