WTS (US) AT ChooChoo Complete $1900

follow the link here, for sale on ESN site:


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That choochoo looks nice. why no one buys completes these days? GLWS


There’s a few interested folks, but yeah, thanks dude. I love this build, don’t mind not selling it =)


Good thing it’s posted here. Maybe JP will buy it, lol.

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maybe the reason is price

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It aint cheap, ythat’s for sure!

i bought a electric skateboard only $1400 more a little (include shoppong free). The maximum continuous output power of dual motors is 1500 watts, which can carry 230kg, and the speed can reach 41Km/h. It can climb 30%. so i like it very much.

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Very good very good :ok_hand: :ok_hand:

do you like my eletric skateboard? it likes this. :smile: :grinning:


1400 seems a bit steep for that. Could make a more powerful DIY for that price

What are battery and ESC specs? Looks pretty!!

used prebuilts usually come with higher quality parts / build at at the price of the prebuilt pop outs. so better deal. but all the risks of used board so… YMMV.

your board looks like a land snail. I see a lot of overrated marketing complaints about that board. does get hyped a lot though. most boards can be fun.

battery is samsung 44.4V, 5Ah 222Wh super power discharge, ESC is 12S 30A .

Oh… 5 amp hour means it’s only a 2 cells in parallel pack. Also alludes to the cells being Samsung 25R’s at best. That pack would have a very low output and capacity compared to most DIY setups on this site. You should try a diy board so you can see what a powerful setup feels like!

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it is Samsung INR18650-25R 8C Li-ion Cells, the top speed is 41km/h

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Yeah, people don’t use those 25r cells anymore because they have a high voltage sag and aren’t the best cells for this application. Most new companies use Samsung 30Q’s. But they cost more so that’s prolly why they didnt

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what is your mean?I see a lot of overrated marketing complaints about that board. does get hyped a lot though.this sentence. do you use that brand?

marketing complaints might be about the undersized battery, providing poor current output and low range. And that the marketing numbers are wayyy overblown to real world performance lol

40Km range from a 5 amp battery. hmmm what’s that smell…