[WTS][US-CA] Eovan Carbon GTS for sale

I am 6’2", 250lbs and this board will propel me beyond 30mph with ease and go 20-30 miles on a single charge. It’s one of the best performing boards on the market at its price point, imo.


  • RS125 solid wheels
  • AT155 all-terrain pneumatic wheels
  • Riptide bushing setup for a much smoother ride, tuned to a heavier rider
  • Two extra sets of drive belts
  • Two different size drive pulleys for torque/top speed tuning
  • Four extra sleeves for drive pulleys
  • Tire pump and included tools
  • Fast charger

The board works perfectly without issue. It’s seen maybe 300-500 miles, so there’s some cosmetic wear but everything works great.

One of the pneumatics is currently flat, I’ve included a new tire and ordered a new tube about a month ago, currently on the way over from China slowly due to COVID. I also ordered a new set of bearings for the smaller drive pulleys which are stuck in slow transit too. I will provide these to the buyer as soon as they arrive.

The board and accessories were about $1900 new a year ago.

Looking for $1200 local pick up in San Diego, discount if you drive down from LA.

I am willing to ship if buyer covers UPS Ground cost.

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Looks like an Eovan, not an Evolve

Brain fart. Edited the title.

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Yo im in pismo beach and am interested in your board i wonder how much shipping would be

I want the board for sure just got to figure out how much to ship i will pay shipping