[WTS][US-CA] Legacy Metroboard diagonal dual drive

WTS local to Temecula, CA can meet in SD or OC - Open to shipping if it sits for too long

$700 Legacy Metroboard diagonal dual drive with a Rayne Avenger deck. 6374 motors, modded ABEC 107mm, Caliber II with welded motor mounts, and advertised 35 miles battery I’d say closer to 30 miles for practical riding. I have the remote and charger somewhere in my garage. Just moving on from esk8, been more into gravity powered downhill/freeride and disc golf.

Edit: Pics added Edit 2: I’m not active on this site, but I will be sure to check back when I can. Feel free to message me on reddit /u/equippedlol or discord Equipped#9433

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