[WTS][US-CA] Mboards 10S3P battery, 2x 6355 160KV motors, 2x Flipsky FSESC 6.6 and more

I started building a DIY board about 6 months ago but didn’t have the time to finish it and ended up purchasing a pre-built. The parts have been sitting around forever and I’m finally getting around to selling them. Everything was assembled once and tested on my workbench but had some clearance issues with my deck/trucks.

I’m located in California, zip 95688 if you’re local. Otherwise all prices include shipping to the continental US.


  • MBoards 10S3P battery w/ charger - $270

  • 2x Flipsky FSESC 6.6 w/ all cables - $95 each OR $175 for both

  • 2x Torque Boards 6355 190KV motors - $75 each OR $140 for both SOLD

  • 2x Torque Boards 63mm Motor Mount Kits (Fits Caliber II trucks) - $50 each OR $90 for both

  • 2x Torque Boards 36T ABEC 12mm Pulley Kits - $40 each OR $70 for both

  • Torqueboards 2.4GHz Nano Remote Controller/Receiver - $40

  • DIYE enclosure - $30

Pics: https://photos.app.goo.gl/FVHgBz9syEZuJgtq8

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I just message you



pm’ed … thanks!

PMd you @mattherich

No reply to offer is it still for sale?

He hasnt responded to me yet.

Messaged for both vescs

I messaged him like 3 days ago no reply

He hasn’t logged in in a couple days now, I PMed for the Nano and DIYE enclosure but there’s a decent chance he’s not gonna respond for a weeks or something