[WTS] [US] Charge Ports fuses [5 Sets left]

So I ordered way too many fuses, 30 of them and I really only need 10 so Ill sell the other 20 as sets of 2.

In order to use them just solder it on to the negative side of your charge port and your good.

These are the fuses


I use them with a 4 amp charger and they work perfectly

2.50$ shipped seems fair.

Shipping will probably be in an envelope of some kind

@b264 anything I’m missing for info?


Why so expensive when you can buy a pack of 25 off ebay for $4? Free domestic shipping as well

Well these ones are 1dollar each with like 6 dollar shipping

Please link me where you found yours?

Just search for the fuse you need on ebay. There are atleast 10 listing of each type that are correct

Then you can buy it there :rofl:

to be clear, i dont have a problem with your price, if you payed that amount and want to resale for similiar, that works. $2.50 is still a decent deal if you only have 1 battery to build.

best of luck selling them

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