[WTS - US] Complete Belt Drivetrain Solution and 6s Battery w/ Charger

The storage crates are getting full, and I need to pay for some upgrades and gifts… y’all know the deal

Asking $290 plus shipping and fees, if you can send me a mailing label I’ll mail it! Comes as shown, not parting the sets

If you want to make an offer I really shouldn’t have these anymore

Complete Drivetrain ($240 plus s&f)
  • 0.924 MPH/V top speed (27.7 MPH @ 6s)
  • 10 1/8" front assembly, 11 1/4" rear assembly
  • all hardware included and assembled
  • 82mm ABEC style wheels w/ bearings
  • Enertion style motor mounts
  • PropDrive 270kv 5060 motors w/ 4.0mm bullets
  • 15:35 dickyho bolt on pulley w/ 265mm belts
  • 90a KranK canon/magnum
  • 1 1/8" top mount hardware
Electronics ($50 plus s&f)
  • 6s 5000 mAh 30C Turnigy lipo, maybe 10 cycles
  • 25.2V 1A charger (US outlet)

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Bump day! Surely there’s someone trying to make a cheap board during this apocalypse? Asking $199 shipped in the US

P.S. Battery is gone

Is drivetrain still available?

Sorry I literally sold it last night

Who shuts down threads under the new management… @nelson ?

All goodies found a new home now

You can just flag it, flagging is also for help, not just spam. Or mention me or one of the mods. I will close it for now :slight_smile:

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