Hello everyone,

Looking to sell my complete build $500 plus shipping from Memphis, TN. See pictures and details below. I have plastidiped everything on the underside of the board. I think it looks great but peel it off it you must.

The battery and deck came off the WowGo AT

The battery is a 10s4p Sanyo 14ah. The deck is drop through and drop down so I top mount for clearance. Really nice deck Canadian maple plus fiberglass with fair amount of flex.

The esc and hub motors were bought off the forum @ [Wilsonliang777] 1 year ago. Meepo version 1.5. The have seen a fair amount of use but still run strong. You can see dents and dings on the silver part of the hubs in the attached photo.

I run the motor uncensored as one of the sensor wires was severed by previous owner. Easy soldering fix if you care. Quick connectors are attached and all wires have been heat shrined as shown in photo. The esc enclosure has cracked plastic where 2 of the 4 bolts attach. Very common issue with meepo esc enclosure. I have 3d printed replacements and siliconed them in. I recommend buying a new enclosure long term.

Remote was purchased new from Meepo. The reason I purchased the V3 remote was it has the ability to change settings of the 1.5 esc. HUGE GAME CHANGER for any meepo riders out there. You can adjust brake and acceleration settings making the ride the very smooth. Link to v3 remote https://www.meepoboard.com/collections/remotes/products/mr-screen-remote-controllermeepo-v3

This battery can drive these hubs for a long time. I weigh about 200 lbs and recently did a 13 mile ride and it had 3/4 bars left according to the remote. I have tested the boards top speed at 24 mph.

bump $425 plus shipping

bump $375 plus shipping