(WTS US) Tetra's Thanksgiving Thread

Looking to get a pair of the new BN long motor mounts, just need to fund that endeavor and have a little cash spare for when shit goes wrong, I don’t skate as much as I used to so I don’t need all these extra toys, if you have questions lemme know and I will give you as much info as possible

Prices are SHIPPED in the US!

Single drive complete - $500

This board costs about $800 to make so this is a SIGNIFICANT saving Parts have from 30 to 300 miles on them, battery has less than 10 cycles. Board weights 13lbs and gets 12mi of range on flat ground with a 125lbs rider, top speed of 18mph with a 14T pulley and I have 15/16/18T pulleys for sale 10s charger included

Part Name
Motor TorqueBoards 6355 motor
Deck “Skate Shread 36"” x 9.5"" bamboo blank deck with black griptape"
ESC Flipsky 4.12 ESC
Trucks 158mm 50° white/gold Caliber trucks
Cells Molicel P42A
Remote Flipsky VX1
Wheels 76mm Ahmyo Akasha cut wheels
Antispark Flipsky 280A antispark
Wheel pulley Janux 34T kegel core bolt on pulley
Enclosure Meepo battery case for V3
Bearings Zealous steel bearings
BMS DALY 10s 15a BMS
Motor mount Build Kit Boards single piece Caliber motor mount
Motor pulley TorqueBoards 14T steel pulley
Bluetooth Enertion HM-10 bluetooth
Deck protectors Dickyho X deck protectors
Belt 250mm HTD5m 12mm belt

Clever 6" tubes and tires + 2x spare tubes - $76

4x new Clever tires 6x new 6" tubes

TB 44T kegel pulleys - $86

2x used TorqueBoards 44T bolt on kegel pulleys with black alloy steel bolts

Flipsky dual 6.6+ - $200

Used Flipsky dual 6.6+ with button, XT90, 5.5mm bullets

Daly 18s BMS - $25

New Daly 18s li-ion BMS with balance leads

Misc electronics - $28

2x new 10s BMS New 60v to 12v 20A step down [SOLD] Used Raptor motor adapter 3x dead TorqueBoards 4.12 ESCs


I’ll take the whole lot for 550

Even with combined shipping it’s around $1000, only $550 is far too low for me, if you PM me I would be willing to work out a bulk discount through

It’s ok I already got the mini trigger and raptor adapter. Haha

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Oh lol I didn’t recognize the name

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