[WTS - USA] Ninebot One C+

Hello everyone, I’m hoping to sell my Ninebot One C+

Its in pretty solid condition, I last rode it January and its been sitting in my closet at 75% charge for a few months now.

20190518_071335 20190518_071351 20190518_071417 20190518_071252 20190518_071410

Screenshot_20190518-071624_Segway-Ninebot Screenshot_20190518-071607_Segway-Ninebot

some of the notable damage would be the little tear in the leg padding on the front left leg pad (zoomed in pic -> 20190518_072427 ), as well as the scrapes on the ‘pedals’ and outer white shell (you can see those already :stuck_out_tongue: )

Most parts are replaceable, and can be purchased directly from ninebot here: https://www.ninebotus.com/parts-ninebot-one/

Im hoping to get $250 + shipping from this, so the total for the buyer should ( shipping is stupid) be paying less than $300 usd total

E: Here is the invoice I got when purchasing, to be 100% transparent image


bump, hopefully someone wants this

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How far & fast this goes

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It goes about 12 miles(19kms) on a full charge, and between 14 - 16 mph

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Bump 220+ shipping

Plz buy ;_;

Are you looking to trade for anything?

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Depends on what you’ve got!

PM me and we can talk more in detail :+1:

I tried pm you but says your profile hidden :thinking:

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Fixed :slight_smile:

Char char

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Lol I’ve got an extra xbox. But no extra ps

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I’ve already got my sights set 🤷

I got a spare ps4 slim. I never really thought about getting a unicycle but hell if you wanna trade I’m not using the ps4 so I’ll trade you. If not no biggie just read this and thought I’d throw it out there.

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I hate to be a picky dickhead, but I’m shooting for a 72xx PS4 Pro

Thanks anyways though, not a bad trade :slight_smile:

No worries. Totally get it. Good luck!

Man I upgraded to a pro and sold it after a month while it was still worth something. Was not impressed with the “upgrade” Stuck with my special addition ps4. The xb1 to xb1x upgrade was much more noticeable.

Do you still have it?

Negative, it’s been sold

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@mmaner please close this :+1:

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