[WTS] (USA) Trampa Dual Alien 170kV 6374 Motors on Trucks with Brackets, ready to install


Selling this ready to go set of trampa trucks with dual 6374 alien motors. I never got around to finishing this project so I figured i would just sell it, as its just taking up space.

I also have a complete non electric trampa board I’m still debating whether or not I’m keeping; if interested PM me.

350 shipped.

picture 1 pic 2

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Any chance you’d be willing to sell just the motors?

Pm’ed for motors

Really looking to sell the entire setup

Alright I get that, if you do change your mind, let me know :slight_smile: Good luck with your sale

What’s the gearing? 72/16?

Good question; I’ll take a look tonight

Yes, 72/16

Price drop. 300 obo

Hey im interesstet for the whole setup is it still for sale?

pmed you…

hey mate I live in Australia, is this for sale still?

Yes. 10 chars

Can I see a pic of board thx

How much with the board? How do we go about payment

What are you asking with the board shipped in the US?

700 shipped

Still gonna sell the board seperate?

Not without selling the motors as well