[WTS] Very unique deck

Good morning

It was a cool proof of concept (see here) and I don’t use it anymore.

I’m in need of carbon tubes for future stuff, but hate to take this apart, so offering it here. If you go for it, you’ll guaranteed a totally unique/one of a kind deck for your next esk8.

Here are the specs:

  1. 38" built from 3 carbon tubes w/ 3d printed end parts. The tubes are 25mm OD, 22mm ID. Very little flex, see here.
  2. There are 3x10s batteries inside the tubes, we call these battery sausages. The cells are basic 18650 from batteryhookup (hoverboard cells). These are wired in 10s3p. Look here
  3. The batteries are wired to a basic charge only BMS and a voltage indicator, and standard charge socket.
  4. It has a single motor “ebay esc” which is working w/o problem. I used it witsh SK3 192kv and had fun. Comes with remote)

20190506_134459 20190506_134512 20190506_134520 20190506_134526 20190506_134532 20190506_134559

This is how it looked like fully assembled and in running condition.

This is the motor assembly which I had at the back.

(Can add caliber trucks and 90mm ABEC clones to have a full package)

Looking for 200$ + shipping inside US (probably around 50$).

Let me know if interested,



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You guys love weird shit from talented people


This is a piece of art, when are we opening a esk8 mueseum?


This is really cool.


looks like a death trap to me.

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Do you have more pics of the battery process, how did u make sure the cells will be touching each other even with vibrations? Im assuming you got more than just the heat shrink for this

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This project is amazing, hopefully it hits the road again soon!

What is the viability of making a larger pack from those ‘battery sausages’? Would it hold up if scaled to something like a VTC5a 12s6p or do you think it would destroy the wires from carrying to many amps through the balance leads?

Long ago I wanted to make a fiber glass or carbon fiber ‘skeleton deck’ from a network of tubes and this is re-sparking that interest

The cells are soldered through a nickel strips, u shaped, and not touching directly. That way there is enough flex. Shrink tube just provides additional integrity of the whole thing.


Sure, you can do it. You’ll need larger tubes for larger cells.

The process is just too tedious and slow to make this more viable and wide spread.


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thank you for your constructive addition to the subject.


Appreciate the engineering that went into this! I think the ‘battery sausage in carbon tube’ makes a lot of sense for scooters, where flex is traditionally zero and the hard ride is compounded by airless tires.

The price is with 10S3P?

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This should be saved for posterity, belongs in future eMuseum

It’s for nothing, would take if you were in the EU

Thank you! Yep, with the battery and esc


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This is very interesting, even if I still don’t really see how to stand on it :smile: Can you put your feet directly on the carbon tubes ? Good luck with selling !

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Yes you can

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Could u share the specs of the tubes, based on what u said these are 1.5 mm thick, what kind of fiber??? Maybe a link to where u got these from too?


Here is the link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/4pcs-Matte-25mm-OD-x-22mm-ID-x-1000mm-3K-Roll-Carbon-Fiber-Tube-Rod-Quadcopter/253087013361?hash=item3aed2959f1:g:0jwAAOSwS3dbdlHK

These are T300 twill tubes. Dimensions are in the listing and I also measured these.

BTW: the seller (link above) has all kinds of carbon fiber products, very good quality. The prices are good, and shipping and service are top notch. I have no affiliation with him, just a happy customer.


Seen one of these awhile ago.they gave it to a skateboarder and he destroyed it in about 2 minutes…

You mean this: https://youtu.be/AfkDzO28wRc

This was my “iteration zero” and they did a great job on it.

The one in this listing has bigger tubes and beefier structure, doubt you can break it (unless you really want to, which makes anything unsafe)

I have my daily commuter board, which I’ve been using for several months now. It’s going strong on “less than perfect roads”. Has nice flex and no degradation.

So, a lot has happened since that Braille video.



If you watch analytically they pretty much decided to destroy it before shooting the vid.

Plus it’s a longboard, why would you even try to do tricks on it?

Bogus review

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