WTT: 44 Cal baseplate for your 50 cal baseplate

I want to trade my 44deg caliber 2 baseplates for a set of 50deg. Mine are midnight blue. Brand new. I would not mind a different color either!

I’ve got a couple of extra 50deg calibur 2 baseplates if you want them, they are raw. I’ve pretty much shredded the hangers but the baseplates are in good shape.

I feel your need to trade wish I could help.

I was planning on running 44s on a DB longboards Crossbow and I don’t get the clearance I need to run 97mm wheels without some big honking risers. Sad. I’m just going to build my 4yo something with them luckily I have another set of 50s.

@mmaner do you always run 50s for eskate even with higher speed builds? I’m doing it mostly for wheel clearance…

I typically use 50 def base plates and then add wedges if I need them. I have only built cruisers up until recently so I’m prolly not the best person to ask. 30mph has been my max, I’m currently building a 40mph board. I’ll prolly wedge the rear to 44 deg at least.

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Thanks mike! I’ll pm you after work!

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