WTT brand new nano x for brand new gt2b mod/benchwheel/@erveline modified remote

I am getting a brand new nano x and receiver in soon and was wondering if anyone would trade for a brand new gt2b mod and receiver

you’re looking for one of these right?c4fd8ef783580358bf8d7dcead5b8471a95a92a4_1_666x500


Mine isn’t new, but I’d consider the trade. Always like to try new remotes.

Never had issues with it. It replaced the steez remote I absolutely couldn’t stand.


That’s nice. I’m not a fan of the gun look in all black.

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haha it’s not mine just wanted to make sure I understood what @dg798 wanted cause I was looking to buy one of the gt2b mod new and it was ~$105

yep that new or a benchwheel

How un-new is it?

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It’s old. 2yrs. Used mostly on a back up board.

oh i prefer something new as the nano x is brand new. i will trade for a benchwheel also if someone wants

Still available

Still available. Brand new.