Wtt full build for lots of parts eu/uk looking for a working build

https://forum./t/wtt-full-build-for-lots-of-parts-eu-uk-looking-for-working-board/4375 …

decided building isnt for me (for the moment) as everything i do just seems to go wrong or not work out

i have most the parts to complete a good build and the thread for it is here

Thing1/ 1st(good)build /vesc6 /dual 6355 /12s5p

So here is my first build and after looking at the steps I took from my first attempt to now…whoa. I would like to thank the whole community for helping me get this build together and allow me to create something like this. speacial thank to @tinp123 @Acido @Sender for telling me about glass frit and @BigBen hopefully this is not my last build and i will upgrade it soon … So as a 14 year old my money and recourses were slightly more constrained. Then after learning my lesson on buy cheap …

the parts are listed there and all are new or nearly new

i am looking to trade it for a working board

the conditions this board has to have is a large range, reliable and waterproof also preferably a longboard which looks quite nice and slick

i am based in the uk so preferably shipping from there i can probably ship to anywhere in eu via gls though

if you have anything which could be worthwhile then please say so looking for any half decent option

you will get all the parts listed except for the deck which is only worth around £40

the enclosure is for landyachtz 9two5 deck which you can buy

other then the build i have a bunch of spare screws loctite and other bits which can come with it …

i am sorry to have to leave my build but everything just seems to be going wrong for me

not leaving the hobby just desperate to ride again …

thank you in advance and please pm with offers

What isn’t working on your board? Where are you located in the UK?

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in uk and I did this build badly and am having problems with the parts of this build just not going together properly

I just want to ride again so I am looking for a trade to make

I mean where in the UK



What isnt working? I cpuld come down in person and help you get your board running. Have some spare parts which could help too.


where are you based

Im at home from uni in Reading, but the train is accessible enough for me to be able to come to london


I know you didn’t ask for advice but life is like a box ovf…

Maybe just buy a cheap used wowgo or meepo to get ya going,

Then chip away 30min a day at your build. or try do small upgrades on the meep.


advice is always welcome

and thank you for offering help @Anubis