[WTT/S] Trampa Street Carver center box, with spare parts bindings more against Evolve or mini boards. [EU/DK]

After many years of fooling around, I’ve come to the point where I’m calling it, it.

Leaving it as a fun hobby and just using it as a cheap way to get around town.

Therefore I’m offloading my trampa project, either as a complete sale in parts (Only if I can get more then a few parts sold at once) or as a trade against a great mini-board like the boosted mini an Evolve or anything and some cash.

Board is relatively new, not a ton of miles on it the vesc is brand new so is the batteries and bindings are just put to use.

Its a 15 Ply street carver setup 13/37 gearing with a 118kv motor and 83mm wheels.

Comes with 2x 4500 Mah 6S Lipos 40C? (One cycle on them) And two 5000Mah 60C with a broken cell, a GT2 remote mini remote and a dual lipo charger.

Has some marks on the trucks, a little on the deck and of course wheels, but otherwise in nice condition.

It only does 30km/h in this config but a new pulley, bigger wheels or whatnot and it should be faster.

I’m very interested in a Boosted V2 XR in good condition, Evolve Bamboo GTX or Carbon again in good condition or even the new Ownboard AT board or that FabTrav rebranded dual direct drive board in trade (Those are cheap so able to get this for a decent price)

Or even a Mini X / S and some cash.

I’m based of Denmark. in Holstebro can ship worldwide but regarding trade, id prefer to meetup here or at a bigger nearby town but I’m limited to public transport.

Board has tons of potential and works flawless as is, but simply too big of a hassle to charge for me so never able to take it out and when I am, it’s out of juice.

No idea what to charge for it, so open for offers.

Shipping price depends on location and carrier wanted.



Sad to see you leaving :frowning: May i ask, why not just get a BMS and keep the board on the charger? Either way, GLWS, looks like a blast

The enclosure on it is a perfect fit more or less for the cells so no room for a BMS, and money.

Put a hard stop on spending more on this hobby, can justify new bearings or belts for my future board but not a few hundred on BMS charger new case and so on.

And thanks, sure have been.

I’m intrested in the deck, and maybe the trucks what are the trucks? and the motormount without the pulleys.

price inc shipping to Sweden?


45 for the mount incl shipping i have one spare i can sell you, no clue on deck price and the trucks are the trampa carver trucks

Infiniti, Vertigo or ultimate?

Mini or 16"

Mini, Infinity.