WTT [US]: Charger trade - 50V8A for 42V10A

A while ago I bought a YZPower 50.4V 8A charger and it just came in, but in that time I’ve strongly considered changing from 12s4p to 10s5p since I’m using a 4.12 based ESC

If anyone has a 42V 10A charger I’ll probably trade for it

East coast USA

Woah there, are you charging that fast? Also the only charger than can do that, that I know of is a sur ron charger

Sry for this “useless message” in your thead :joy:

This is the exact one I bought, looks the exact same IRL. Its absolutely massive and weights a ton, it feels legit. I’m gonna max out the rating on the cells, 2A a piece. The plan is BesTech D140 which should support 15A and an I/O fuse setup so I’m not worried about cells going up while charging.