WTT Want To Trade?

I have these max6 esc’s I’m not going to be using…

####edit: The wheels are sold traded

Wheels are gone Esc’s are lightly used… Mr. Roboto said around 2-3 rides iirc.

Let me know what you have to swap by posting up a pic of what you have.

Thanks for looking!

I don’t know what I want, other than eskate, longboard, skateboard, and mountain board parts…new or “tested”.

Please post your location when posting pics of what you have to trade.

Even if what you have is worth far more, or less than new flywheels that are no longer availible and max6’seses, post it anyway…

I’m located near Sacramento, California.


damn I want those wheels. would you be willing to trade a few bluetooth modules + some other oddities? how bout 4 modules for all your bluetooth needs, and a (or a few) ____

you can have your clones back too :rofl:

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Anything you’re looking for specifically? Do you want $$$ for the wheels?

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Back off kid… Lol. :smiley:


i scour this forum 24/7 for a reason lol


Meh, I already have money


This is the perfect way to offer up trades. Much more organized!


Damn you… :slight_smile:

but do you have bluetooth… :wink:

Four $2.15 hm10 modules with 60 cents of wiring and three minutes of labor ≠ 97mm flywheels lol


No, I don’t have any bluetooth modules currently…

Seems like a fair trade, it is the best offer I’ve seen yet.

The hell! I offer 2 bluetooth modules and 1 wifi. Also If you need anything 3d printed I give you a free print for lets say 300meters of filament :smile:

I’ll trade you a set of caliber trucks with a motor mount

I also have a pair of 5065 140kv motors that are brand new that i would trade you for the wheels…also the offer above is for the wheels

Also if you’re looking for anything in particular lemme know I’ve got a bunch of schtuff layin around

Oh I also have a few assorted remotes laying around including mini, nano, etc

I could trade the trucks/motor mount for the wheels.

The motor mount is welded in.

Yeah but mine is carbon fiber and therefore much lighter leading to higher performance


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oh yea, I can 3d print almost anything you want at .005mm res

Pics of motors you are willing to trade please.

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What kind of trucks, and what size motor is that?