WTT Want To Trade?

My guess is many, why?

I have a lot of new stuff if anyone want to exchange for eSkate stuff

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brother does watcha got

Anybody got one of the newer dual belt Chinese escs?

I’ve got one, just pulled from a board about 2 weeks ago, decided to go with FocBox’s.

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Hey. From UK, have this items:

Adam Colton Paris V2 180, used condition, one top bushing cup missing Caliber II 50, 89a bushings, new Orangatang Durian 75 mm 86a, used @dickyho belt ESC, new, 5,5 mm connectors, with heatsink 10 pairs 3 mm connectors, new HobbyKing mount, new, with 4xM4x20mm Taobao mount, new, filled to fit caliber, with 4xM4x20mm HTD-5M15mm 255+265 mm belts, new Very cheap HTD-5M15mm11T pulley, new

It’s not easy for me to go to post office, so shipping cost will be estimated through PM. I’m interested in: enclosure, safety gear, batteries, abec wheels, nice remote, GoPro gimbal, or shoot me other suggestions :call_me_hand:

parcel2go is usefull

I can let go a new mini remote for this dicky ESC. Like to test it :slight_smile:

I’d swap a nano x for the calibers bullets and Taboa mount

@TarzanHBK, thanks but i have a mini remote already, just wanted something better. Do you have anything else? @stormboard1, is the nano x new? receiver included? @Acido, thank you

Hmm okok…also have a new gt2b with printed black sparkle covers, if you want to build it yourself

I would like that but i don’t have necessary tools to assemble it, so unfortunately no

you dont have screwdrivers and scissors? Not much needed :wink:

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i saw this and i don’t have what he uses OKP sparkle mod

you don´t need a dremel tool - you can cut the board with scissors or a knife :wink: It´s really not that hard, just let me know

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WTT : Alien Power Systems 120A 2-7S ESC

Looking for a decent remote, currently using a GT2B with Baby Buffalo mod but was looking for something smaller.

Sorry mate, i would need a small soldering iron, small solder wire, small pliers, etc. Do you have anything else?

Are you in the states?

Enertion Clone Motor mount or Enertion 12mm or 9mm 36t wheelpulleys. Kables, plugs…dunno…i have everything :smiley: What do you need?

he’s in germany…

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