X car beast 150A programming card issues

good day , all . I am almost done on my build , just waiting on pulleys and stuff. so decided to program the x car beast 150a esc using the programming card. i am having issues where it doesnt save when i ask it to save the setting , but instead gives me error parameter error please reset. can some one help me who has experience in this thankyou cannot save for/br/rev to for/brake cannot change cuttoff voltage from auto to 3.2

basically cannot save, give me error

I had this problem as well when trying to configure my settings. I solved it by connecting it to my brothers computer. By some reason my own computer could not find the programming card, but my brothers could.

So if the card doesnt work, try another computer :slight_smile: I think you´ll have to download the ESC software as well.


thanks, i upgraded the firmware and its perfect now , only thing i can run in for/brake mode . sk3 245kv doest work , but works perferctly fine on for/br/rev. its not a big deal i guess

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