X-Car Beast + GT2B Issue

I’m trying to get my second build finalized, but I’m running into a problem with my ESC and receiver. My X-Car 150A is not getting any input from the GT2B receiver. I have verified that both the receiving and transmitter are good by plugging them into my other build which uses a VESC. I know the ESC is good because I can use it fine with both a Futaba and Traxxas transmitter / receiver. I know that the GT2B is bound – the red light is solid on the receiver, yet the ESC doesn’t seem to be picking up any signal, and I never get the 6 beeps from the motor. Any help / suggestions would be amazing!

is the ppm cable plugged into the right channel on the receiver?

Also try turning it around, ground or black should be on the edge, I think

But try the other way anyway if there is no signal

@b264 @dg798 Yes it is plugged into the right channel (ch2), and I have also tried plugging the cable in both ways