X car beast120a esc

So I’ve been using x car beast 120a esc with 280kv motor. Out of sudden, esc is not able to detect the motor (red and blue light flashing). I thought that cold soldering joints might have caused the problem so I soldered the wires directly. Esc still can’t detect the motor. what else could I try?

check your connection to the receiver isn’t broken. once you have fixed that re calibrate the ESC.

It’s really weird. It connected once after all but it stopped working again.

Did you make sure your PWM wires are good? Have you tried a different one?

sorry but what are pwm wires?

@charliek he probably means the wires from the receiver to the esc, I think they are ppm, but anyway :yum: :joy:

What remote are you using? I had purple light for a while and that was due to the RC remote

PWM = Pulse Width Modulation PPM = Pulse Position Modulation

our RC transmitters use Pulse Width Modulation to control throttle. typically a width of 1ms to 2ms. but yeah I mean the white wire.

I had the same ESC. Have you tried to recalibrate the motor with the receiver?

I’ve already ordered the VESC since the X-CAR 120A ESC makes so horrible noise when braking and can’t withstand full throttle without cogging…

PWM is the single-channel, 1000-2000 microsecond protocol. PPM (sometimes called CPPM) is multiple channels mashed together, using the same 1-2 millisecond protocol for each. As far as I know, the VESC only handles one channel over the servo connector, so I guess we’d call it PWM, no? In BLDC Tool it says PPM, anyways.

You might want to recalibrate the signal range from the receiver, so raise the throttle to MAX, then plug in the battery to the ESC. You should get some noise, so then lower the throttle to MIN.

If there really is a problem between the ESC and the motor, this won’t help, but it’s a common problem so i’d try it first.

I’m using torquebaords remote

Does vesc not make any noise when it brakes?

Problem solved! thank you!

That’s what I’ve understood. I guess it can’t be completely silent but X-CAR’s noise is a programmed feature which I hate…

The VESC is completely silent under brakes.

how did you solve your problem? i have the same esc and having similar problems with it

I did what @Montiey suggested. I recalibrated throttle range.

Interesting. Do you know why they deliberately programme car escs to make noise?

I can only assume it is because they wanted a screech for rc cars to sound more realistic. Only an assumption. I don’t really know.

You can’t disable the noise by programming. Maybe it could be done by removing the origin of sound but that would require some research.