X6 | Restless Mantis 33 | Evolve trucks | ABEC 107mm | Gear Drive | Dual 5065 140kv | 10S4p 30Q | SK8-ESC V 4.12 m8

X6 - A board with a range of over 70km on a single charge

It’s time to post a description and photos from my last build, a board equipped with a gear drive


Parts list: Restless Mantis Warrior 33" Evolve Trucks ABEC 107 Racerstar 5065 140kv 10S4P Samsung 30Q Turnigy SK8-ESC V4.12 Benchwheel DIY Remote & Receiver Enclosure Evolve 2 gen Bluetooth module and metr app Gear Drive

At the beginning I want to apologise for my English, a foreign language isn’t my strong point Undoubtedly my description will have some mistakes … but you must forgive me… :slight_smile:


I’m obsessed with the look so I bought 3 decks before I chose the final one

  1. Kebbek Smoothcut 37
  2. Jet Invasion Voyager-X
  3. Restless Mantis Warrior 33"





Restless Mantis Warrior 33 had (in my opinion) the perfect proportions for this compilation so I chose this deck


At the beginning I wanted to make a modular enclosure so that she could bend with the deck I designed encloure made of many pieces that can be combined with each other. Segments (individual parts of the housing) I printed on a 3D printer My enclosure was flexible but not hermetic. Elements made on a 3D printer are also less durable than injection molded parts



I started looking for a casing designed for the board. I wanted the housing to be durable, hermetic and low … and I found the EVOLVE 2 gen enclosure :smiley:


The disadvantage of this enclosure is a small space inside (I could not fit BMS) The advantage is compact dimensions and high durability.



I chose Samsung 30Q batteries from which I built a 5-segment 10S4P package.




The battery capacity is 432Wh (12Ah), discharging current 60A I wanted to mount the BMS 60A 10S with a Bluetooth module, but this BMS did not fit into the Evolve enclosure


I had three types to choose from

  1. FVT Dual 120A, 12S
  2. Turnigy SK8-ESC V4.12 (VESC 4.12)


The FVT Dual 120A, 12S seemed to me the best choice, it was the smallest, it had a built-in switch and passive cooling 20180706_134357_cr_cr

However, VESC has much more configuration options and gentler brakes, which is why I decided to use VESC 4.12 Theoretically, along with two VESCs, I would fit BMS inside the enclosure, unfortunately it would be very difficult to implement 20180717_215939_cr

Foxbox seems the best choice but I have assigned this ESC to another project (about it at the end)



Remote & Receiver

I chose the Benchwheel DIY Remote & Receiver, it is ugly and not ergonomic, but it is well done, works perfectly and is reliable.


I chose the "Racerstar 5065 BRH5065" motors for two reasons:

  • I designed the direct drive as an upgrade for Evolve boards
  • I wanted to use a motor with a small diameter, so that the clearance between the drive casing on the road surface was large

After the first tests, the motors proved to be a great choice, The motors are small but have a large power reserve, they are very well made. The board has a very large acceleration, speed over 40km / h and most importantly a large range. They are also one of the cheapest motors, so they have an excellent value for money

Gear Drive

The idea of building a gear drive for Longboard he suggested to me @Powadangaboards He asked me if I could do something like that motor%20mount

I did not want to do the same myself, so I did it my way :smiley:

@Powadangaboards also sold me EVOLVE trucks for which I am very grateful to him

The first prototype was made in February 2018, later, I built several more versions, the final one was created in August and is being tested all the time.







Final version of the gear drive 20180902_215619_cr


The drive has a 1: 2 gear ratio, and is designed for 140-150kV motors, Evolve trucks and 97-107mm diameter wheels The greatest advantage of the drive is the low friction of the toothed gear, the drive is more efficient than the belt transmission. The drive housing is waterproof and dustproof The disadvantages are the large diameter of the drive (small clearance) and louder work, but I like this sound :smiley:

The drive’s efficiency is confirmed by tests. The parameters of the drive are measured by Transmitter METR (older type) + application on android

@rpasichnyk has created a great tool,

Without METR, the gear drive tests would be difficult to make, now I introduce small changes in the design of the drive and after driving a distance of a few kilometers I see the effects.

In September, I traveled 71 km on one charge,

My board has a 10S4P battery pack built with Samsung 30Q, so it has only 12Ah

Below are the data from VESC Unfortunately, at the last 8.5 km, the METR has stopped sending telemetry data, only data GPS from the phone’s

These are two measurements from the same day

  1. https://metr.at/r/lO5aA
  2. https://metr.at/r/Gybgh

I think that METR sends data only from one motor, because METR shows me that my battery pack 12AH 10S is 185Wh (5.08Ah) so some data (current, battery capacity) needs to be multiplied x 2

Here, other tests from round trip on a distance of 2km


Energy consumption is about 0.12 Ah for 2km

Assuming the battery is 5.08 Ah, the board should cover a distance of over 80 km

Of course, the ride is very economical, driving with small acceleration at a speed of about 20km/h, but I weigh about 90kg + the weight of the board 10kg together is around 100kg, so the total weight is not small :slight_smile:

Finished board







Below are two videos of tests …

In the first film the microphone amplifies the sound … in reality it is quieter


In the second film, the intensity of the sound is more realistic, even a rooster can be heard in the background.:smiley:


What’s next ???

  • Now I design a gear drive for pneumatic wheels for this board. I built the first prototype but I still have a lot of work ahead of me



20180915_221621~01 20180915_221745~01

  • I’m starting construction of the second board with a 10S6P battery pack built from Samsung 35E batteries - expected range - over 100km Description of the construction soon…



I really want a gear drive with fit on my trampa carve urban build . I was planning on the same motor evolve motors . Too bad I am so piss about it


Good looking build, great innovation. I’m not a fan of the trucks but your implementation of the gear drive train is stellar. Good work.


Oooooooooo this is sexy! I’ve been seeing a few progress pics but the finished product looks awesome!


this is pretty dang close to perfection


Beautiful work! And your English is amazing. I bet B264 will find fewer problems with your grammar than with mine.


Yeah your English is great…lol

The red wheels pictures…sensational…

Well done ripper build…:facepunch:


Great build and amazing range


Great job Tom. My wallet is always ready for your products.


I agree, great English and stunning look with those 100mm red boa wheels, just amazing


Nice aestetics. EPIC build. This kinda stuff is why I keep coming back to this forum


Restless…great documentation build thread…

Drive train motors and wheels all look like one unit looks powerful.

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Thank you all for the good words :smiley:

@Leo81486 Trucks must be precision made, maybe I will design the drive for “TRAMPA 12Fifty’s” trucks. … If so, not earlier than in spring 2019


Lol your gear drive is not as loud as the “rooster” call.

Amazing landscape, great Ideas and execution.

Yes gear drive on 12-Fifties would be solid


Great …So if I wanted .I gotta wairb

Since the first time I saw you board I fell in love, congrats

I see you are using a large bearing as a seal on the wheel side of the gear drive, why that instead of a axial seal? I’m trying to decide between the two for my gear drive, @nuttyjeff is also using a bearing

I guess the drag should be lower than a rubber one

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Perhaps, but I do not think so

I think so, but I did not do comparative tests


YES ! Awesome Tom, thanks for the feedback :stuck_out_tongue: I’m looking your pic and following this since summer, You made a crazy work !!

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Haha that’s the V1, have since changed to a bearing seal for the V2. Decided to trying something new :smiley: let me know how the bearing turns out for you!


The board looks Awesome with the red wheels!!!