XL2.0 DECK by Kaly.nyc

Hi guys. I want to put some info on my XL Decks in one place to make it better for everyone with questions about it to find answers.

Let’s start The XL Deck image


This is an off road style deck with a big camber and angle tips specific to be use with Channel trucks, the riding style on this type of deck is similar to an snowboard.

This is a full synthetic deck made out of Carbon Fiber, Basalt Fiber, Fiberglass and secret sauce epoxy to have the best strength to flexibility ratio while preserving structural integrity.

This are the dimensions of the Deck. image

It will be available in 3 different Flex varieties.

  • SOFT Super bouncy and fun, perfect for Riders up to 150 pounds.

  • MEDIUM This version can be compare to a Vanguard Flex-1 deck but a bit more stiff, perfect for Riders up to 180 pounds.

  • HARD This version is recommended for those speed demos :smiling_imp: (yes! YOU )and is recommended for Riders 200 pounds and up.

Beside the default versions , later this year, upon request will be available a XL-PLUS version that will depend on the Riders weight, foot stance and another changes that can be made specific for the customer.

The CONCAVE I’ve chosen an Tub Concave for this deck, it is a FlatCave/Gaspedal combination it is similar to a Progressive board, but instead of a gentle curve, the rails extend at an angle from the deck. This Tub boards will keep your feet flatter, which makes for a mellower ride, but the sharp rails will provide anchorage for sudden shifts in energy.

The combination of FlatCave, GasPedals and Angle tip provide instant feedback to the rider on where you are on the deck without the need of taking your eyes off the road, making it easier to change the position of your feet and stance without loosing concentration, after a while this feature become second nature.

Besides the different Flex type also will have 2 choices of concave angles to accommodate most riding preferences and styles, let me elaborate on each one.

  1. Racing Concave This is a steeper concave design to aggressively lock your feet into position providing support for hard maneuvering, turning and off-road fun, is meant for more experienced riders with well develop lower leg muscles.

A side by side picture, The top deck has the Racing Concave. image

  1. Cruising Concave From the picture above, it is the Concave on the bottom deck. Developed with less aggressive riders in mind, super fun for long rides and lost of smooth carving to just keep surfing that endless WAVE :ocean:.

Still both type of concaves will be pretty stable at high speed and super fun to ride also the deck visuals will be the same.

Almost can’t tell which is which. image


The Left one is the Cruising concave. image

Cruising concave image

Racing concave image

The Decks are design to be paired with our Channel trucks ( more info on this later).

For the trucks we have pre-drill holes for INNER & OUTER spring position pairing this with our softer springs and hollow dampers ALL riders can customize the turning ability to your specific preference and riding style. No more stiff truck to go fast or soft trucks to go slow, just properly tune equipment and GO!


:star_struck: looks awesome man!


damn, gotta get me one of theese. does the pre drilled holes also fit infinity/vertigo trucks out of the box?

Thanks man

@JensSjogren You can request holes for those trucks once I put this online :slight_smile:

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Super nice work! Can those sharp corners be rounded? For me it’s both design thing ( in my opinion it would look better) and a bit safer maybe? Anyway amazing work! :smiley:

Sounds great! :slight_smile:

If it fits the HS11 eboosted, this is it. :heart_eyes:

Maybe once I buy it I can finally see your esk-8 laboratory :sunglasses:

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Failed to find this, but what does the deck weigh? (depending on ply obv) What kind of price can we expect on these?

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Are you going to have trucks that go with these boards? Or do I still have to buy those from trampa :open_mouth:

Great work, as always!

I will have complete trucks to match with this All parts 100% CNC and alumni 6061-T6 image No need to source any parts on third party vendors. :wink:

@LukePL the edge angle can be rounded.


Pretty clever serve, put the deck in the foreground and draw attention away from ALL these beautiful batteries. But back to the topic. Do you have any price in mind for the deck?


Price will be around $250.00


Not bad :thinking:

im sure the raw materials are decently expensive, but im glad paying the premium for Kaly >:D


So sexy, I’m really impressed with the geometry you’ve developed.


Thanks, and what will be the axle diameter in yours trucks?

Sorry but … HMG that fkn wall of cells on the back … :open_mouth: Back on topic … this deck is so freaking beautiful, an awesome job made, congrats’ bro !!! :wink: :+1:


I’ll make a thread for the truck I can make axle for any diameter bearing but want to present a better solution for drive train


those tyres look massive, are they > 8" ?

lovely deck, trucks, wheels…and packs(!)

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Thx The wheels are 8 in Also will be available Wheel + inner tube = $16.00


@Kaly will you also be having an enclosure to fit the deck? would be awesome to have one unit with deck and enclosure

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