XT-60 and XT-90 Also, Motor will, width, and length

I’m pretty new to this field of research and electronics so I was looking at the “no words, just diagrams” posts and almost all of them had XT-60 and XT-90 pieces in them… Can anyone tell me what they do and when to use them. (Sorry I’m new) Also, cook somebody send me a link or explain what motor will, width, and length is.

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XT-60 and XT-90 are connectors - they join wires to wires, wires to speed controllers, etc. XT-90 connectors are larger than XT-60, so if you’re using 10AWG (gauge) wire or lower (lower the number the thicker the wire/cable) I’d go with XT-90 (that’s what I used on my board). The metal connection barrels are bigger on the XT-90’s, so can accommodate larger wiring. Below is a video explaining this more…

Motor width is the diameter, so 50mm or 63mm usually. Motor length is exactly that: A 6355 motor will be 63mm in diameter, 55mm in overall length. Furthermore, motor KV stands for how many rotations a motor will make for every 1 volt that passes through it. Voltage x KV. So, a 190kv motor will rotate 6,840 times if you’re using a 10S (36v) system - on full throttle.

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THANKS SO MUCH, just when would you use a xt-90, what would they be used for to connect?

the xt90s is desirable because it has an integrated anti-spark resistor in it. keeps it from sparking and carbonizing as well as protecting the esc I think

kv times voltage gives you the no-load max speed but put a load on it, you or especially you on a hill, and it will sink lower. maybe assume 80percent of the no load on a flat

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Usually these connectors are used to connect batteries, via wires, to the ESC and when making series or parallel harnesses.

Would you ever use one when doing a dual motor and dual vesc (with CANBUS) and an Enertion SPACE cell?

Would you ever use one when doing a dual motor and dual vesc (with CANBUS) and an Enertion SPACE cell?

U have space cell so I don’t know don’t think so. They’re to plug batteries to esc most often.

I believe the Space Cell comes with one of these connectors (either XT60 or XT90) ready to plug into an Enertion VESC.