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Xt-60 connector on 6s Zippy

I have bought 10 xt-60 connectors to make my electric skateboard, but i noticed that the wires on my battery are far to big to solder in the connectors. Is there a way I can make it work, or should I order new connectors?

They shouldn’t be too big. Post a picture

They are just a little bit too big, I guess

No, it looks fine. Twist it up and it will fit perfectly

I’ll try! (It’s my first time soldering :stuck_out_tongue: )

Thanks for the help!

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The easyest way to solder it would be to twist the wires and then heat it up and soldering the cable alone first and then soldering the two together after that.
Be sure to use something to hold the cable and connector still so it can cool down sitting still.
Sorry if i cant explain it good enough, im from sweden and cant find the correct word for the thing you are melting…

Watch a few videos to learn how to solder them well. I am new to soldering as well.

another reason I like Deans… LOL
nah jokes. its all good. tin it up and solder it in there. it doesn’t have to go right inside the hole, just sit in that little half cut.

Tip: use a third hand tool and a powerful solderin iron, you need lots of heat.
Also: plug the other side (unconnectd !) into the connector your soldering.