Xt-60 loop keys

I’m using xt-60s loop keys to be able to take my batteries apart for airplanes, just wondering what I should use to complete the loop, would copper ground wire work here as well?

XT-60 does not come in an anti-spark variant. You would need an XT-90S, which is denoted with a green stripe… Or else you’re going to get a huge spark every time you connect the loop key

I have one, I’m not talking about powering the board on, I’m talking about connecting and disconnecting the batteries for airplanes like this, http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/first-build-loaded-vanguard-deck-1-turnigy-sk3-6374-192kv-12s3p-samsung-25r-vesc-x/14242/54?u=zachnyc

What is the difference between xt-90 and xt-90S?

Simple answer is that XT90-S has an anti spark future while XT90 is just a connector. They are both the same shape though.

Is there the same thing for 60s?

Not to my knowledge no. Although, I use all XT60 connectors on my board except for 1 XT90-S as the switch/anti-spark loop.

XT-90S (Anti-Spark variant) has a two-stage connection on the positive terminal. First it connects the load with a resistor wired in series; this slows the in-rush of current to the capacitors, preventing the spark. Then once the XT90S is fully connected, it completes the circuit with no resistor