XT-90 connectors and Motor terms

In what circumstances would I use a XT-90 connector? What would it be used to connect? Also, is there different companies that make them? Which one is better?

Also, I know this is irrelevant, but how does motor length and width affect speed, and torque, and acceleration. Also, what is motor will?

motor will is the innate desire of the motor to go as fast as possible at all times.

xt-90? to connect four wires. likely battery wires. there are different copies or different plugs that make similar high amperage ability claims. id go with the original. but you were wondering about using this with the space cell but don’t think it’s necessary. its for people to connect batteries to esc.

length and width can give u more torque and probably probably will but a motor can be wound to have greater inductance (torque), with more wire wrapping the teeth, or less for more speed and less torque. a trade off which can be balanced back with gearing or using a battery with more or less voltage and you’ll get the same power.


Why won’t a motor always have 100% will, also…what is motor will measured in?

I was joking about the will. I couldn’t help it u set it up There’s no conciousness in a motor. But if there were the will of the motor would be to keep cool.

Then why did @cryzies tell me :Not only gear ratios affect speed, acceleration, and torque. Don’t forget everything about the motor will, motor width, 50mm vs 63mm. Motor length 54mm vs 64mm vs ~74mm. KV rating of the motor. Then you have the ESC which can control the voltage to the motor. Then you have the actual batteries themselves, cell count, voltage sag, amperage. Then wheel size, wheel surface area.

Sounds like he was saying: Don’t forget everything about the motor will also affect speed, acceleration, and torque. Then lists other variables.

How would motor length and width affect speed, torque, and acceleration?

re-read what @Hummie said:

Typically a bigger motor will have more power. Not always, but in general. How it’s wound and what type of wire will affect this.

Stick to one of the proven motors and emulate a build you like w/ similar components and you’ll be fine. You are not likely to notice a difference as it’ll be marginal.

I would suggest a single motor setup to start. Simpler. Cheaper. and best to learn what you want for later. You can always add a second motor if you want more acceleration or hill climbing ability later.

Unless you are a big guy, or want to do big hills to start. I’m pretty gargantuan and ride a single pretty frequently w/o issues (just not on big hills).


Thanks… I didn’t see that…

No worries. What i’m getting at is that you likely (or me for that matter) wouldn’t notice a difference from most motors of the same size and length and kv. So #1 190kv 6355 vs #2 190kv 6355 - unless tested rigorously - same same.

One might have better bearings, better wires, longer wires or motor output shaft, etc., but performance wise they should be very similar. You’d have to really test the two to see a difference, and i’d bet it would be marginal.

Sticking to a “tried and true” motor like the SK3’s from HK, R-Spec, or Torqueboard’s 63mm would probably all serve you really well.

what kind of riding do you want to do? How heavy are you? Hills or flats? Where are you located?

Just cruising the flats of Illinois

There’s a formula for motor torque. Not that I know it but it goes something like figuring out the magnetic field strength in the airgap (magnets, airgap size, amps x wire inductance) . Add up the square cm of airgap. The distance from airgap to the shaft and its leverage there. Add m all up or something.

Get the cool scorpion motors !! Or hub motors!!

Thanks… I’m not trying to get that technical!

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So again - pick a build you like and do similar.

you can’t go wrong with the tried and true motors - SK3, R-Spec, Ollin board co, DIYes/Torqueboards.

For the flats you should be fine w/ a single motor - even being a bigger guy like me (about 265 right now and 6’8"). I ride my Marbel frequently and it does great w/ only a single 50mm motor.

What kind of board do you like? If you stick to a stiffer deck it’s much easier. Getting a flexy deck like a loaded vanguard adds complexity (but still doable), and you just need to make sure to separate the batteries and ESC so the middle can flex (no space cell in the middle).

again - read up on some builds and see what you like. Take that and apply to your board of choice… simple’ish really!!