XT60/3.5mm Spark PSA

Got my single-drive cruiser built today, using HK’s esk8 kit. (it’s properly back in stock btw, even in US warehouse. All seems like solid quality to me, aside from truck bushings.) Anyway, I’m running 2x 4s 2200s in series currently and from what I’ve seen 8s is totally fine for xt60s. However, I didn’t have any leftover xt60s so I used 3.5mm bullets, since an XT60 is just two of those in a plastic shell. However, it seems I’ve missed something. Worked fine for the first couple rides with a fairly small spark each time I plugged in, but the third time I connected power, there was a massive flash and a loud pop. Basically, plugging it in made a large arc and instantly boiled the 3.5mm bullet. Sprayed tiny droplets of molten copper/gold all over me, a tiny peppering of burned patches all over my shirt. Whole left thumb was covered in a black soot. Bullet connector is completely gone, just a tiny melted stub left where it used to be.

Just a PSA. Individual 3.5mm bullets =/= XT60. I’ll be throwing some anti-spark xt90s on tomorrow, just to be safe. No damage done to the rest of the board.

Were they solid bullets or have a springy spinny part?

Hope you didn’t get burned. Anyway, wow that’s crazy. Did the spark fry the ESC or no because I would think that a spark that big would do some serious damage?

No damage at all. Power leads are reasonably long and it wasn’t near the esc at all, don’t think current was very high either. No burns, which makes sense. That small of a mass expanding that rapidly, it wasn’t any different from getting a few dremel sparks on me.

springy bois.

That was the issue, solid bullets would be comparable to xt60, with those you’re making contact with the springy part first not the bullet and the springy part can’t handle anywhere near the same current

Anyway, I would centralize a point for the xt90 antispark connector because they are way more expensive compared to regular xt90s or xt60s

Voltage doesn’t burn/melt anything. Must be a lot of current!

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Fair point. In any case, everything is working fine and the esc wasn’t friend. Got the xt90 plugs installed and haven’t had any issues.