XT60 connector and 10AWG wire | 12S lipo harness

Good morning people, I bought 4 3S lipo from HQ and I want to make a harness to connect them in serie. Plan is to use XT60 connector to connect lipo to harness and XT90 anti-spark to connect harness to VESC. I have a couple of questions for you: 1:Can I use 10 AWG wire? 2:The XT60 connector have a sort of covert as shown on the picture (I haven’t seen this type used before), do I need to put shrink tube on solder ? 3: Female part of connector is to solder on battery right?

Thanks a lot, Guillaume

You can use 10awg wire, and putting shrink tubing over the solder joints is a must. Usually male connectors are battery side, but it does not matter as long as you have the matching connector on the ESC.

Also I would be careful with your solder joints. They don’t look fully melted and could have a bad connection.

The diameter of the wire is bigger than the inside diameter of the xt60 connector, is the wire suppose to go all the way in?

True, I’m usually use XT90 so it fits. The wire does not have to go in as long as the solder join is good. You may not be able to fit the cap on (not necessary) with 10awg. You could always go down to 12awg if you have it on hand.

Thanks JLabs, I read somewhere to put female on battery side to avoid accidental short circuit when handling the lipo.

truth… always put a female connector where the current goes out to avoid accidental short… the same apply to Vesc In Male out Female

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You can use a wire stripper to reduce the leads of the 10 AWG wire down to 12 AWG so it will fit in an XT-60

I’d recommend shrink-wrapping and then squeezing the plastic cover over it

Can I just use ELECTRICAL PVC tape, and maybe melt it Strong?

I don’t think you will find PVC that’s is the right size. Just get a heatshrink kit off of Amazon for less than $10

What do you mean about right size You just do spirals going up spiraling down,

The point is that it would not Short itself by touching the other cable am i right?

OR does Heat-shrink handle the heat better, and Pvc tape might Melt?

Yes that is the point. I would just stick to heat shrink.