XT60 Y connector jig

A simple 3D printed jig to do a clean Y connector.

holes are for 10AWG wires.

assembly: -Insert XT60 connectors -Insert tinned wires -solder connections -fill with hot glue, silicon or expoxy.


So, you are going to solder AWG12 wires while the jig is on? Are you sure that nothing will melt while soldering the components together? Great idea anyway.

Could you upload the actual design files and not just the stl? I want to make it fit 10AWG

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Maybe add a longer guide tube, for the wires, so they will be held up, a little better by the plastic

No need, the filler should be more than enough to restrain the cable, also if your using this kind of jig is probably because your really short on space, and the smaller the better.

I meant while soldering, it would be easier to keep the wire in place, whit a 3-5mm tube, so its keept onto the plugs legs :slight_smile:

very nice. Thanks !

If you solder for to long yes it will melt, test of skills :wink:

The idea behind this is to serve as a dual purpose, a jig for soldering and to neatly isolate the connections after. I find tape and heatshrink does a crap job on Y connections

I’ve uploaded the source files, please link your remixes @Maxid

I have already started your unedited version. Your holes are 5,1mm while my 10AWG cable is 5mm gonna be tight but could fit as is.

The tight fit was intended, the silicon jacket can compress a bit and hold the wire inside the hole while you solder (you need to skin and tin the wire before). Then filling the void with silicon or epoxy will close everything up neatly.

and to be truthful, i haven’t tried it yet. haha this is all theory. But i did print it

I like the results, but my holes are to big, this version works well with awg10


That is beautiful. You would think such a thing would already exist.

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Well damn - I forgot that I had XT60+ and not the original version. Does not fit the plus version :frowning:

That is the one I bought:

time for a remix :wink:

i uploaded the source files, do you prefer .step?

when I find the time I will edit it. I am using inventor - your files should already be enough.

how do you solder it? while it is on?

Yes, that is why there’s a giant opening in the back.


ah i see, silly me. i didn’t see the picture. thanks