Xt90 loop key Danger Danger

I dont know if its just me but last week when i got home i pulled out my loop key to power down put my board standing up then my 5 year old came running out so he was asking me about the parts he pointed at the xt90 on the socket i said to myself if he puts his finger in there bang bang,so the part that should be on the board is the anti spark and you should be pluging in the socket it will do the same job and you cant put your finger on it.

unwriten rule, ALWAYS expose a female connector when directly expose to a current.

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I know now, but i can see loopkeys done the same way on lots of boards

Touching the two leads of the exposed loop key won’t do anything to you (or your battery). It’s not a short. It would just temporarily complete the circuit with a high resistance connection (very low current)


I agree with @jmasta, touching the leads of the setup you have now with your finger will not do anything… for me it doesn’t even complete the circuit. Even if they were touched together somehow without the anti spark all it would do would complete the circuit without the anti-spark feature.

Well, but if there is a high inrush current(that would normally cause a spark), it may hurt a little bit.

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I just measured the resistance across my index finger: ~700,000 ohms

Even at 50V, that’s only a current of 0.07mA. The “threshold of sensation” is around 1mA. So the current would need to be 14x stronger for me to even begin to feel it

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Hmmm I am in no way doubting you but I am saying that I don’t complete the circuit and don’t feel anything with my finger across both poles.

hope you know that 3mA is enough to kill someone…

Please take electricity seriously… It not because it doesn’t hurt or kill that less dangerous…

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3mA across the heart maybe. I’m about to fit an antispark. I’d be interested to hear which way other people have it.

For one, 0.07mA and 3mA are not even on the same order of magnitude.

For another, no…


As shown in the chart, shock is relatively more severe as the current rises. For currents above 10 milliamps, muscular contractions are so strong that the victim cannot let go of the wire that is shocking him. At values as low as 20 milliamps, breathing becomes labored, finally ceasing completely even at values below 75 milliamps. As the current approaches 100 milliamps, ventricular fibrillation of the heart occurs - an uncoordinated twitching of the walls of the heart’s ventricles which results in death.

Above 200 milliamps, the muscular contractions are so severe that the heart is forcibly clamped during the shock. This clamping protects the heart from going into ventricular fibrillation, and the victim’s chances for survival are good

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only for my heart only has 48% of use from a electric shock i got when i was 3 years old i cant try put ing my finger in there to disprove or to prove that it would be dangerous

Yeah… for instant death (what about the long term consequence)… of a full grown man… no a child.

do as you wish… just keep in mind to always be safe…

I was not asking you to by any means, just letting you know my own experience. Definitely better to be safe though I am just expressing my opinion :slight_smile:.

Smorto i know just i dont want any one to think its ok to wire them the wrong way as i did

I have my loop key the same way you do and don’t have any problems with it at all but either way works although the opposite of your and my way is safer though slightly less convenient.


how bout try a drooly 5yr olds fingers? lick your finger and try the test I dare you. NO im kidding DON’T try that.

Licking at it is also not recommended if we are talking about it rn.


I am by no means saying that the way I have it setup is the safest option especially for a 5 year old. I agree 100% that having the female connector exposed is the safest option for everyone especially kids. I am just trying to express my personal experience. I am also trying to say that having those leads touched together (by an object not a human body part) will only result in the completion of the circuit without the anti-spark feature and not a short or explosion. Sorry for any confusion.

specially in public, where you look kind of weird doing it :joy:

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