Xt90 loop key panel mount[Found]

Hey guys, looking for a mount for my loop key. I need the mount to make a cutout and decide where to put my loopkey. Willing to pay, just turning to the community before paying someone outside. Located in U.S.A, Texas. Iether a spare one laying around, or if someone was willing to print https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2016540. I think this would work. 1544553614746857919296

You can search for this in your local rc store

Or this

The 3D printed holder would work too and I would print you one, but i‘m unfortunatelly not in the US

Nothing like that local, live in a small town rn. I just had someone from UK said he can try to do it for shipping. Waiting for him to figure some numbers out, thx


Look on amazon. I just searched for xt90 mount and it gave me as min 15 results. There should be something for you too.

Those arent quite right, those allow for parallel mounting, like side by side a surface… im looking for a panel/perpendicular mount to mount thru the side… if that makes sense


They have multiple different versions. For different mounting angles.

Most of these will be shipping from China probably

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Can be. But even if he from the country side there should be local rc stores around in other cities or as min there should be a rc online shop who can deliver this mounts. If I can find this things in Russia without big russian language knowledge it’s shouldn’t be impossible in the US. :sweat_smile:

just print this. I would offer, but I’m way behind as it is.

If you can wait until the first of the year I can prolly do it.

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Thats a welding board, mine is already wired and setup. Ide rather not take it all apartXD … and i dont have a printer lol Moon has offered me some help, about a week shipping from UK. I can live with that

Bahaha i found this… only $70 lmfao.Screenshot_20181211-135148

What country are you in?

Ah, I was looking at the user profile

I have an extra one 20181212_044016



Take it from him. I was going to print you one but this is easier


Hey man, im interested. Please let me buy lol

These are on Ebay from Germany there are other types from the same vendor… search ebay for xt90 bracket https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/XT-90-maunting-bracket-kit/352529324009?hash=item52146297e9:g:w4EAAOSwrwhbnmqf:rk:4:pf:0

Shoot, i like that design. But ide really like to get it before xmas lol

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PM me your address, you can have it for shipping cost only. Do it soon and it will be in the mail today