XT90 loop with key with switch?

Am i missing something here?.. is it possible to create an anti spark out of an XT90s and a normal switch. Instead of a loop key? I’ve never seen it done but cant figure out why as it seems like it would be a cheap alternative to the loop key for those that want a switch.

how would that work?

So could a switch not be wired in where the loop wire goes and it would still work as an anti spark? Excuse me if this a complete noob question ha

yeah something like that

I dont know if it would work but it looks like it would

that would be no loop key then but just a switch…

This topic has been covered before and the answer is still no, it won’t work because the function that prevents spark happens when the connector is plugged in

Oh right fair enough then, I did quickly search it but couldn’t find anything. Cheers guys!