Xt90 to xt60 double splitter

Does anyone find this unacceptable/acceptable. And why? I was going to heat shrink it too!

Is it only solder? I see no copper. I’d use copper+solder for that. Stronger and better conductivity. Ignore me if you put some copper under the solder.


looks good to me. if I were you I just would’ve put a bit of hot glue between the pins just incase the solders did come apart, pins wouldn’t touch and you would avoid a fire

It’s only solder… Very strong as it stands but now will re do with some copper wire.

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There’s no need for copper, it will not decrease resistance in such a short run. This is how people have made splitters for years, it is a decent solution.

I think its pretty good. I would ad more solder to strengthen the join as it’s going to take all the stress of the cables movement. Or even better. Tape three of the 4 sides of the gap and fill with resin


Seems alright to me, I’ve done it like that many times, just try to add more solder maybe?

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Good to go!

I made a dual xt60 to xt90 for use in connecting my FocBoxes to my battery pack, have on multiple occasions.

I did one like this and it was a pain to unplug! short wires + heatshrink wins!